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Getting AI into a building.
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As it stands, you can tell a single soldier to enter a building and go to a specific predefined place in the building as a waypoint. If you try and promote this to a squad, some members will go into the building but many will stand around in front of the building.

It would be nice to have all members of the squad move into the building and start filling the spots from the first indicated position (so if you set the waypoint to building spot #2, a 4 man squad would occupy 2, 3, 4 and 5). This would make it easier to make missions without having to resort to a Occupation script of some sort.

It would be even nicer to have a waypoint type that was just "occupy the building" and the squad would move into the building and hold points. Also, a "patrol the building" the have some members of the squad move between empty points would be nice as well.

I know there are modules to get troops to spawn into a building, but it would be nice to have more control for mission design.




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Steps To Reproduce
  1. place down a squad in the editor.
  2. set them a waypoint on a building and set the building spot to #1.

some of the troops will move into the building, others will form outside.

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