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Workshop mission description.ext header entries are ignored in UI.
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When creating a workshop mission, the header class entries defined in description.ext get overwritten or ignored by the in-game UI in the create game menu. {F23706} {F23707} {F23708}


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Steam Workshop
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create mission.
  2. Add description.ext header class entries
  3. Upload to workshop
  4. Subscribe from workshop.
  5. Create new multiplayer game
  6. Note discrepancy between original and subscribed content.

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muf added a comment.Jul 16 2015, 2:19 PM

You're right. The reason is, that the description.ext resides inside of .pbo stored on Steam Workshop. Steam doesn't allow to access the insides of the .pbo, so to display at least some information we decided to display Steam's metadata (mission name, author, description and picture). There exist certain possibilities for improvement of this behavior and will be investigated.