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New command "CurrentGrenade"
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It would be cool to see a new command to get the Classname from the current selected grenade.

I'm working on a custom HUD and at the moment i don't see how i can get the info from the current active grenade to put it in the HUD.

And maybe the command can be useful for other scripts too.


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magazinesAmmoFull is what you need

And how i can see which grenade is at the moment active?

"2: Magazine state (true - loaded, false - not loaded)"

can't be used for that because every throw object has "true".
Or did i understand anything wrong?

Oh yeah true :-( Im going to have a look at it later, there might still be a way

Ok I give up finding command that returns anything useable. The only way this could be done is by displaying any grenade you want and when user hit G you can override default button press and instead execute forceWeaponFire with grenade that is displayed.


Thanks for your try. :)

I've tried every workaround I can think of and I can't see a way to accomplish this. Please add a dedicated command or fix magazinesAmmoFull so that the magazine loaded state only returns true for the selected throw object.

Added command currentThrowable