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Macer missile on A-164 Wipeout cannot detect laser designator in multiplayer
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Macer missile on A-164 could not detect a laser designator being used by ground forces (live players) in multiplayer.


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  1. Ground player grabs a laser designator.
  2. Ground player grabs a laser designator battery.
  3. Ground player lases the flat side of a large building.
  4. Ground player instructs the pilot to fly a course where the pilot can easily detect the designator (no obstacles).

. . . and the pilot cannot detect or lock onto the "laser designator" with the Macer missile.

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As far as I understand, the Macer missiles are based on the real-life AGM-65 Maverick missiles, which are usually not laser guided (There are laser guided versions I think, but most Maverick missiles are video/camera-guided)

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This issue is MP specific because the Macers can lock onto laser targets in SP, so I doubt it's intended.