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Dev build #1.17.116429 - Open World Component
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I have noticed how there is great potential in lenghtening the single player open world component between main missions. side mission do not only permit to deal with a single specific event, but rather take place in a living world, where patrols can be seen regularly. This can permit, when completing a side mission such as 1 Shot 1 Kill, to stock up on equipement you would like to use but might be lacking in the encampement.

Although, when trying to collect some supplies on my own between many main mission, loading it on a vehicule, rather it be a offroad or a 4x4 pick up truck, when leaving the patrol state, im am loaded back right at the entrance of the camp, without the vehicule I was driving previously, loosing all the ''loot'' I had brought back. It might take away from the idea of being short on supplies, but I really feel that someone that has managed to get by some particular pieces of equipement should be entitled to carry them back to the camp and have it be there after the loading screen.

That can also apply to the vehicule they managed to ''scavenge'' and bring back to the camp on their own accord. There behing no way to leave the camps but on foot, it would be very interesting to have a personal vehicule to use to get to those side missions.


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simply go around most camp sites during the campaing particularly during the Adapt phase of the campaing. After a main mission, strole around the packs of soldiers that are speeking together and you might fall on one mentionning a lonely armor or a wreakage to loot or a companion who, having been shot but a sniper, needs avenging.

Once the task has been assigned (right after you hear the soldiers speaking about the matter), you may look at your map and find a new marked zone to get to so to take care of said mater.
There is very limited info in most cases so you are alone, in the dark (not always literally) since this is merely a patrol with no info backing you up. You ight cross a patrol, you might find too much for you to handle...

This, I find, is a great add on and helps breaking the story that would otherwise be carved in stone timewise. (mission 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, ...)

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I hope somebody out there can bare with me on this as I really like the open world that is in Arma 3, especially Altis. It feels alive when I go on a mission that I picked up from the comrades at the camp site.

This, I feel, would give much more value to the game, deepening the immersion in this guerilla war.

Also, I thought of taking a screen capture of before and after the loading screen. But realizing that it is easy to figure how you enter it on your offroad filled with weapons, ammo and mines, then appearing in the vicinity of the same camp, on foot, with the same personnal equipement on your back, but nothing else... I just let it go

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Be advised, moderators, I had no idea how to report this as simple game enhancing feedback. This is no game breaking or otherwise very important issue. It is a seemingly simple way to give more importance to the open world factor.

I hope my concerne can reach you.

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If you drive with your vehicle to a camp with weapons,ammo,mines,launchers that you put in its cargo they will be saved in ammo crates (tested 4 times in Adapt Campaign). But unfortunetly vehicles are not saved in hideouts/bases.