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Gear disappears when swapping vests/backpacks
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  1. if i open any container or box for loot and put my bp in it i cant double click it inside to open and to grab my stuff
  1. goods laying in clothing inventory slot dissapear if you double switch back pag looting any object like a box or a container


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at mission start (Breaking Point mod) you get no clothing now but there are items in th 1st slot

if you look inside box or any container for loot and there is another back pack and you drop your back pack without unloading it put up new one and try to double click on yours first bp laying in looting object you cant so you want to put it back cos there are some stuff
at this action all goods that are at clothing inventory slot will simply dissapear

Additional Information

This is a bug that happens in the Breaking Point mod. According to the DEVs there, it´s something they can´t fix on their side, so they asked to put it here.

deathlyrage (administrator): Please make this issue on The breaking point dev team can't fix it.

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Witnessed and approved. Haven't tried outside of "Breaking Point" mod yet, though.

i don't have this issue on Altis Life or on the COOP servers i play on

But on breaking point it's not only the Backpacks that do this

  1. if i switch Clothing (I play the None Class) it empty's my vest partially

2)when i switch vest/belt it empty's my Backpack partially normaly it's about 50%
of the backpacks content that disappears and it's always my ammo if it's in there

  1. is when switching backpacks is sometimes empty's my clothing fully