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H-barrier Wall/Corridor/Corner/Watchtower - weird textures
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The aforementioned H-barrier objects have something weird going on with their textures, it looks like a very low quality texture, this is the case for the H-Barrier Wall/Corridor and Corner objects, the Watchtower only has a part of it using this low quality looking texture, while the main part of it seems to be good.
This only affects the objects mentioned in the summary! All other H-Barrier fortifications are looking fine.
{F23592} {F23593} {F23594} {F23595} {F23596} {F23597}


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Place the mentioned objects in the Editor and compare them to the other H-barrier objects and notice the huge difference in texture quality between them.

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See the pictures for more info.

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Any updates on this?
The texture quality difference is really big, an eyesore compared to the rest of A3s graphics.

gdscei added a subscriber: gdscei.May 7 2016, 6:17 PM

I saw this in today's dev branch update: "Fixed: Shadows of H-barriers".
I'd say, go check out dev branch to see if the issue is fixed :)

Switched to devbranch to check it, they are still ugly and compared to my screenshots (uploaded picture) there doesn't seem to be any difference in the shadows too.

So the issue is still there, on the current devbranch 1.19.123830.

FrankHH added a subscriber: FrankHH.May 7 2016, 6:17 PM

It doesn't have to do with the textures, it's because the models are using crappy stencil shadows instead of soft shadow maps.

Can you please explain how shadows make the H-barrier wall, corner and watchtower look like the pictures I posted?

It's a bit difficult to explain. On some models the game is using stencil shadow technique instead of shadow maps, these shadows are perfect to the pixel (although downscaled in Arma) and very sharp, and they are drawn by the CPU if I recall correctly. They look decent sometimes (soldier models) but in general they look very bad.

Hard to believe it's the shadow causing this, if you look at the texture between the netting it looks like the resolution of the h-barrier wall texture is at 8bit or less, if you compare it to the other h-barrier standing right next to it.
Very obvious to see it in the last picture.

Still the case on 1.22
Compare the visual quality of the H-Barrier Wall on the left with the H-Barrier [Big, 4 blocks] and the H-Barrier [3 blocks] on the right in the last picture.

Is there even anyone where this doesn't look completely out of line with the other H-barrier textures? Hard to believe it's just me having some stencil shadow issues like FrankHH stated, since all other barriers are looking fine.

I correct myself, it's not a stencil shadow issue, because it appears even when there's no direct sunlight.