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Clouds messed up after changing cloud settings in editor
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Entering the editor and previewing a mission everything is ok, but going back to the editor and changing the weather/weather forecast makes the clouds look weird (See image). {F23591}


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Open the editor. Place a unit (player). Preview. ESC back to editor. Change weather slider to more cloudy. Preview. Look up.

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Funny that no one voted for this. I get it everytime in the editor. Restart and it goes away. You dont notice it that well if you dont look. But clouds appear black on a sunny day, and if you look up you see the circular thing that make clouds white inside of it.

Definite bug, but with a bug voting system these problems wont be fixed as no one votes for them.

Suggestions should have voting. Bugs should always be investigated if the report is sufficient. IMO of course.