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[Feature Request] Official ARMA3 Helo Ops Mission Pack Add-On
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After you finish chasing bugs in ARMA3, for the next Official ARMA3 project I would like to request:

ARMA3 Helo Ops Add-On, with multiplayer compatible co-op missions such as:

  • Search & Rescue

Use a rescue basket to save people in water or stuck on damaged boats. Multiplayer means one person can pilot, another can help navigate. A player could lower a rescue basket and provide "forward, back, left, right" positional feedback for the pilot. A diver could jump in and help load people into the rescue basket. A co-pilot could control a spotlight when searching for survivors near a boat in the water at night.

  • Battlefield Troop Transport

Transport troops or Spec Ops to/from battlefield.

  • Medivac

Rescue injured troops on the battlefield by transporting them to a field hospital, or regular hospital.

  • Cargo Supply Transport

Load supplies into helo & transport from one base to another, ship-to-shore, or shore-to-ship.

  • Sling Load

Same as before, but using a sling load to transport supplies from ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore, or shore-to-ship.

  • Helitack

Use utility helicopters to complete firefighting missions with a "Bambi Bucket".

  • Asset Recovery

Using a sling load to recover damaged military assets from the battlefield [trucks, tanks, etc.] and transport the damaged vehicles to a repair bay.

  • Fast Roping

Insert troops quickly via fast ropes. In, out, and gone.

These are just a FEW of the many options, possibilities, & opportunities for a small single player and/or co-op multiplayer mission pack.


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Bohemia added a subscriber: AD2001.Mar 28 2014, 1:46 AM

"Bohemia Interactive's first planned DLC is Arma 3 Helicopters".

YEA!!! Wooo-hoooo.

Looking forward to it. I hope you guys can do some of the ideas listed here.


Here's a Youtube video showing the military in San Diego doing one of the suggestions I made:

  • Helitack

Use utility helicopters to complete firefighting missions with a "Bambi Bucket".

Since you already announced a helicopter DLC for ARMA3 . . . feel free to mark this issue as "CLOSED".

This ticket system really needs cleaning - to reduce the number of issues!