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Need capability to make [ civilian AI ] & [ friendly AI soldiers ] move 25 to 100 meters away from DANGER.
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With the ALIVE civilian module, we have civilians walking around towns. This poses a problem. If we (1) Drive a vehicle or (2) plant an explosive charge, we need a way to move AI civilians and friendly AI troops away from the explosive charge[s] or a moving vehicle.

  1. The vehicle horn should force neutral AI and friendly AI soldiers to move about 25 to 50 meters away from the vehicle.
  1. A "Clear Area for explosives" shout command should clear friendly AI about 100 meters away from an area, so we can detonate explosives without killing friendly AI.


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce

A) Drive a car . . . friendly AI do not move out of the street when you honk the horn.

B) Set an explosive charge . . . friendly AI do not leave the area when you set an explosive down.

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