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*Spoiler* Paradise Found: Find Miller task created before stealing the truck.
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I do not know if this is how it was planned but I got a bit confused sort of with the objective when you decide to side with james in the beginning of the mission.

When I got to james he told me about a truck he wanted me to steal and then where miller was. I noticed that I got the task to steal the truck which was assigned and then in my tasks there was also the "Find Miller" task.

I though that since I now know where miller was I would be able to confront him with the truck, but when I got there he was no where in site.

If this was not planned, then maybe you should have it set where the find miller task is not created/assigned until you have entered the truck so in the future people do not get confused.

I mainly got confused because when both tasks were created I figured I could just visit miller (now that I know his location) to confront him instead of stealing the truck.

This bug that I have experienced is not really game breaking since the stealing the truck is automatically assigned, it will just cause those people who think talking to miller without stealing the truck is an optional thing to get sidetracked.


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when you start the mission you are given a choice of either go with NATO or to find James who contacted you.

Chose to find james and once you find him he tells you about a truck you must steal and then to head north to the ruins to bring it to miller.

One you get the task assigned to steal the truck, In the task menu there will be "Find Miller" and I thought that maybe I could confront miller without the truck and when I did nothing happened. Then I read the little discription and it said "Return to miller when you have the truck".

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