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Moon phases are shifted by 14 days compared to real life
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When you set the date to 16th March 2014 2000 hours, a night, which had a full moon (IRL), the moon phase in game is a new moon. When the date is set to March 2nd, 2014 (14 days earlier), the full moon is visible in game.

In other words: When there's a full moon in game, it's new moon IRL and vice versa.

Moon phases IRL and in game should be consistent with each other. {F23547}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Open the editor and set the date to 16th March 2014, 2000 hours.
  • Notice the moon phase is new moon and you cannot see it.
  • Compare with 2nd March 2014 or 2nd April 2014 and notice the full moon.
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Moon calendar for comparison:

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While you were testing this, have you tried different days and seen if the moon phase ever changed. Since for me I do not recall the moon ever changing, since whenever I was playing a mission at night I normally seen the moon as a full moon.

^If this is the case then I would up vote this so that in the future maybe this can be added as a future request which would give it more immersive and a more realistic feeling.

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Yes, I did test the moon phases and they seem ok. I uploaded a sample mission for this. The date is set to 16th March 2014, the date in question. Using the 0-0-0 you can skip ahead 24 hours. Forward 5 days and you will see the moon's sickle appear just west next to the radio tower. Using this method you can observe the moon phases almost all the way to the full moon.

hippie added a comment.Oct 8 2015, 3:26 PM

I glad I'm not the only one that checks the phase of the moon before a mission. I hope this issue gets sorted soon.