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AI do not use grenades or grenade launchers enough
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Whilst playing with my realism clan we were forced by AI machinegunners into a small house and had AI grenadiers within 15 meters of our suppressed position however these grenadiers did not throw or launch grenades into the house even though they "knew" there were at least 8 of us in a small 2 story house.

I was disappointed by this because in reality we would most likely all have been killed by grenades or by machinegunners whilst fleeing the house.

Please increase AI use of grenades and grenade launchers and/or make knowledge of the variables to adjust the AI use of grenade and grenade launchers available to the community.

Thanks for the great game. Over 1500 hours playing ARMA 3.


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I have also noticed this that the ai doesn seem to utilize their explosives that much even though they have access to it.

This can be an issue, and so far I do not know of a way to resolve it. But to get your sort of fix until there is an official fix by BIS. You may want to look at the bcombat mod here:

Even though it says SP, it does work in MP. I have been using it on my server when I was hosting zeus to give the players a challenge. This makes the AI throw HE and Smoke grenades more often, they even suppress hostiles more often when it makes sense and they also are more realistic-almost player like.