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Unable to configure mouse and keyboard bindings so they acted the same way as update 1.12
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Prior to update I was able to move my player left and right while running using the mouse. I would press the W key and get the player running get the player to change direction with my mouse. In this update I cannot do that. I have tried to change the left, right direction to mouse left, and mouse right, but that did not change anything. The mouse would only move the view approximately 10 degree left and right from centre of view and not move the actual player.

This is preventing me from completing the adapt part of the campaign so I can move onto the Win part. Can you fix this please.


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this has always been a problem with update, have not been able to reset the control back to the way I had them before this update.

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Mouse is a Razor Naga 2012. It work fine last night, but after the update that when the control went haywire.

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I disabled all the Aim Left, Aim Right, Aim Up, Aim Down, Look left, Look Right, Look up and Look Downs as well as free look. I can change direction of my character with my mouse. I am wondering whether its an issue with my Razar Naga gaming mouse. I will disconnect the Naga mouse and connect my Logitech gaming mouse, and see if it work, if not then it has to be an issue with the Arma 3

This issue has been resolved, with the help of EDcase. Apparently my profile file became corrupt, and once deleted everything seemed to work they way it should. Thanks for your time.