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Wrong words used
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The you are cleared to runway "Two". Which makes no sense at all.
Runways are numbered by their magetic heading in tenths. This runway's heading is runway 040 and 220 (opposite). If there are three runways they are called 'left' and 'right'.

IRL the runway which is orientated roughly north east and the left one of the two is called "Runway Zero Four Left".
The SAME runway in the opposite direction is "Runway Two Two Right".

Should be easy to fix. Good luck!


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Start the Fixed Wings mission and get in the jet

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I'm a former RNLAF fighter pilot.

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Thanks for the info Neptune, but as this mistake is unfortunately also in the voice acting, it can be fixed only when (or if) the original voice actor comes for a new session for our future projects.

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If you want any info on Militairy aviation just contact me. Very willing to help. Even On-site as an advisor.