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Camp guards in "Attention Deficit" don't react while under fire
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I have a sniper variant of MX with the suppressor for this mission, so my fire is quite "silent" for the AI, I guess. Especially assuming that they were shot from about 400 meters distance. Nevertheless, they are completely dumb. I'm talking about the guards that stay near the bonfire (the standing one under the lighthouse and two sitting guys somewhere west or north-west of it). I play on elite difficulty and have the enemy skill set to 0.85 in difficulty settings. All they do is receive hits until death. The sitting guys haven't even stood up. Looks like a trivial waypoint behaviour bug.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt

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What Stratis mission are you talking about?

I mean the one that comes after the "Bingo Fuel", where you need to rescue some important dude.

Attention Deficit

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I think it's probably due to the ambientAnimCombat function? This allows units to snap out of idle animations when a player is spotted - BUT they don't react to being shot!

I thought it's just an unswithced behaviour. By the way, vote up! ;)

AI bugs like this are very common in the SP campaign. I don't know if they're related to AI programming itself, or it's some "campaign scripting error".

E.g. here are some examples:
1- (from the editor)
2- (from the campaign)
3- (from the editor)
4- (from the capmaign)