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Landing with a parachute, Soldier don't know what to do
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Landing with a parachute is a pain, especially in a combat situation.
After you hit the ground, you can't controll your Soldier. It takes quite some time to raise your weapon and be ready for shooting. You can't even lay down and take cover.


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Get a parachute, get in a chopper, drop down, land

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Seems to be unfinished.

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It's kinda confusing why you're forced to stand upright with your rifle lowered.
Why not stop the process earlier when you're prone on the ground?

izaiak added a subscriber: izaiak.May 7 2016, 6:13 PM

it is hard to decide with this kind of simple description. IRL you can fall, you will be tow by the parachute if it is windy etc ...

You need to be more precise about what you want.

It's about the cumply behavior that the soldier has after he landed.
You are absolutly right that you are towed to the parachute and if it's windy you stumble.

But this is not the problem at all. It's about the situation AFTER the landing.
Seems that the soldier don't know "what to do first".

I will update my report as soon as I get home, maybe and video will do it too, thanks for the hint.

feeprom added a subscriber: feeprom.May 7 2016, 6:13 PM

I have to agree with this request. Let me refine the request a little from my own perspective.

1- When the soldier lands and falls prone to the ground, for gods sake, leave it that way and give the player control over his character immediately. Do NOT play the "standing up" animation after the player hits the ground as it is utterly unrealistic and unnecessary. This behavior only hinders the player to react quickly to incoming enemy fire when landing in a hot zone while also exposing him unnecessarily to the enemy fire by forcing him to stand up when he shouldn't.

2- Get rid of the wind effect while parachuting and the buggy wind-drag behavior when hitting the ground. When you hit the ground, you are dragged over the map like a buggy object in the game. This is a nice attempt to simulate reality where there is wind and the parachute drags you while landing, but it completely fails. Let's be coherent here. There is actually NO WIND in Arma 3. Bullets aren't affected by any wind in Arma 3, Jets and Helicopters aren't affected by any wind in Arma 3. So why does the parachute have to be affected by an imaginary wind coming constantly from the East? Also, you are always dragged backwards when hitting the ground, no matter what direction you are facing while landing. So if you happen to land with your back to the East, you will actually be dragged backwards AGAINST the wind! How unrealistic is that? Please get rid of this behavior and stop trying to simulate wind on parachutes as it only introduces more UNREALISM than REALISM and makes the game look buggy.

Um, I hate to break it to you, but there is wind in ARMA 3.

Well, besides parachutes, could you tell us where else does wind exist (what else does it affect) in ARMA 3?

Well when the RotorLib Flightmodel is introduced it will blow the helicopters around

Well, besides your response being almost 5 month late, you're still talking about the future.

So I guess my claim that wind on parachutes is unrealistic still stands. Nothing else is affected by wind inside the game because there is currently no wind in the game.

And SilentSpike's empty claim that there is wind is still as empty and meaningless as it was 5 month ago.

I wouldn't say that his claim that there is wind is an empty claim, as there clearly IS wind in the game (smoke grenades are easily affected by it). Also, parachutes are affected by the wind in game (set the wind to 100 going east and you will drift to the east as you're gliding). However, that's a discussion for a different ticket and from what I can tell in game, there currently isn't an issue when finish landing with a parachute. Once the parachute goes away I am prone on the ground, so perhaps it's been changed since this ticket was created?

I also believe bullets are affected by wind in Arma 3. At least at very high speeds.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 6:13 PM

No, bullets aren't affected by wind, at least not in vanilla.