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All Empy Objects in Zeus Useable in Editor.
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What I would like to be added in the future would be allow us to use the same empty objects that are available currently in zeus. So those that make custom missions can use all the different structures like: Military Outposts, HQ, Transmitter Towers, etc.

This would greatly help us mission makers to make unique outposts in our missions instead of using what is currently placed on altis/stratis. It will also allow us to say add a tower near a town or something for us to dismantle in a mission.

I am liking zeus but it would be helpful in editor for us to place the same structures we can place in zeus freely in the editor.


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can't this is just a future request.

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I've put in under the plain feature request even though I am talking about zeus a bit this is strictly asking for a feature so that we can have all the same building objects we have in zeus in the mission editor.

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Not sure what is so hard putting the full list of the Zeus objects into the 2D editor objects?? . . .they are already there and defined!!

Also, some of the 2D editor objects are missing from the Zeus as well (training targets)?? What gives??

Seems like an easy enough task to have one FULL list of objects (ALL of them) in both tools. AND as more are added it would be a no brainier to put the new one into both tools (again one full list of objects).

Voted up - let the feed begin.