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AF steps not working fully
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Anisotropic Filtering seems to not work properly. Noticed for the first time how the textures on the ground was more blurry than usual.

Disabled and low is the only steps that do anything to me. Normal to ultra doesnt give any better AF, and it has been in every title so far, even A3 before.

I have usually through out the series used ultra AF with "clamp" in Nvidia CPL which has basically eliminated blurry textures at an angle completely, but today i noticed it was blurrier than usual so i removed clamp and checked the AF steps in game and noticed that it changed only between disabled and low. Forcing AF in Nvidia CPL makes it better, but the in game option should work which it doesnt fully to me.

Would be good if someone could test AF and its steps to see if this is indeed an issue or if its my pc for some reason. {F23498}


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Stand where you can see ground textures from close to far without any obstructing grass (airfield for example).

Bring out a scope or binoculars and look semi far. Close or far enough to see the changes clearly. Change AF every step and see if the textures clear up more and more for every step higher.

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I cant edit my ticket, but added an image. Ultra AF looks that blurry to me. It was super crisp before even at long range.

EDIT: After a restart of ARMA now nothing happens when changing AF settings. Its constantly disabled. Nvidia CPL is set to application controlled. Tested with 2 different drivers (latest installed now - no change).

Maybe a reinstallation of A3 is needed unless someone else have this problem (introduced in latest patch).