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Have exterior aircraft visuals match hardpoint configuration.
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Make it possible to not show the rocket pods if that type of weapon is not loaded on an aircraft.


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For a while now I have wished to be able to configure the weapons on planes and have the hardpoints match. Of course, it is perfectly possible to remove all existing weapons and then add the ones you would like. Unfortunately the rocket pods will not be removed from their hardpoints if you do so, not even with the new planes that are being added. (that's why I marked it dev, because this is also the case for the A-164 and To-199, but I think it's something about the models and the engine in general that needs to be changed to fix this) This seems like an inconsistency that my simmers mind finds hard to swallow.

Ideally a plane would have some kind of hardpoint type that can host certain classes of weapons, but I can see tat this would probably be too costly to implement for the current version of the product. (Arma 4 perhaps?)

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Fixed in jets DLC

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