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Tank rams into a lightpost and gets launched in the air and explodes
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This actually happened to me in the campaign episode "win".
It happened 70-100m from seize the complex. The marshall tank followed me all the way up there and suddenly it just rams into a lightpost. As things seemed weird there it just got weirder, it suddenly span around the lightpost and got launched in the air and explodes, the soliders ejected and fell to their death...
This is so far the weirdest thing that happened to me in this game..


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Campaign Episode 3: Win
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Do not do any commands in the mission
  2. Make the tank survive to the point where you are near the objective marker "Seize the complex"
  3. There should be a lightpost 70-100m from the objective where the tank rams into
Additional Information

I have not tried this anymore since I am trying to finish the campaign.

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