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Game crash when creating a new multiplayer game
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Whatever the configuration, it could be LAN/Internet, any number of players, changing the name or not, and password protect or not, the game always crash just after the step 6, on the loading screen.

I have to manually use ctrl+alt+delete and kill the ArmA3 task.
I was creating multiplayer game constantly before the last update without any crash.

Here is the link to download the crash logs: {F23486}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. open game
  2. click on Play
  3. click on Multiplayer
  4. click on new
  5. select name, Lan/Internet, nb of players and password (can keep as default)
  6. click on create
  1. game crash (all the time)
Additional Information

I have downloaded several elements in the Steam Workshop. But didn't download anything since the last update.

Everything worked perfectly before the update.

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This problem has been around for the past week, and me and some other people have found a solution for now. You must unsubscribe to all the arma 3 steam workshop items you have subscribed to.

Once you have unsubscribed to the workshop items you may also want to go into your userdata folder in steam located at: <driveletter>:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Userdata. In the Userdata folder there will be a folder with numbers which is I believe your steam id number, then inside that folder there will be two folders that you will want to delete: ugc and ugcmsgcache folders (these hold the subscribed items, and if you delete these it will make sure no subscribe content still exists.

Thank you for reporting, but this issue is duplicate of 17788.