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removeAllSecondaryWeaponItems and removeSecondaryWeaponItem MISSING
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The removeAllSecondaryWeaponItems and removeSecondaryWeaponItem are missing.


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I noticed that as well, although it can only affect addons, as there are currently no secondary weapon items in vanilla A3.

Are you working on a player saving system?

Yes, that's true. I assume that's the reason why the commands are currently missing.

Yes, I've mostly completed it now (the addons we use thankfully don't have any secondary weapon attachments but I can imagine that other's would have some serious issues without these commands being available).

Can I ask what are the secondary weapon items? So far there are no items for launchers to be removed (I might be wrong though)

There aren't any default ones but eventually I assume there will be and there may already be third party ones available. It seems like a problem waiting to happen for someone.

I happen to know there are some third party ones available; my group has custom RPG-7 optics.
Would be a useful command, upvoted.

Can we please have this BIS?

It's pretty nonsensical that there is a addSecondaryWeaponItem command, but no removeSecondaryWeaponItem command, and I'm working on an addon that would benefit greatly from the removeSecondaryWeaponItem command being available.

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Please help modders by adding the requested function, BIS. So that we can take A3 a step further.

Thanks for making this sytstem da12thMonkey & co.