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Request new 3D Object - Helicopter Rescue Basket
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I humbly request a new 3D object: A Rescue Basket for helicopters [for multiplayer water rescue of players or AI].

During coop multiplayer, players sometimes get shot down over water. My friends and I then fly a helo over & drop a diver in the water to "revive" the player underwater. It would be nice to have a Rescue Basket to lift a dead/injured player into a helicopter!

This could also add lots of Search & Rescue options for fun multiplayer missions.

Thank You!!!
[See "Additional info" too]


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Here's my 3 minute YouTube video on this subject:

My video would look BETTER if we had a Rescue Basket! :-)

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I think the dead AI and/or gamers would need to be "dragged" from deep ocean water up to the surface. Therefore, "under water dragging" might need to be implemented in the game engine. ???

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