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Non Funtioning Copilots
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If the pilot is killed the copilot never tries to take control of the aircraft. Kind of a big deal being as taking over control for an incapacitated pilot is one of the biggest reasons for having a copilot. Also in certain aircraft such as the AH-9 pawnee and the orca where the pilot has control of the weapon systems the copilot should take over the weapons as well as the aircraft when he takes over the controls. As of right now the copilots are just in place for looks. If the pilot is killed while the aircraft is landed, the AI copilot will get out and get in the pilot seat which is ridiculously unnecessary being as the copilot would and should already have control of the aircraft from his position.


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Pretty obvious, place a helo that has a copilot in game and place yourself in a position to kill the pilot without damaging the aircraft or other crewmembers and watch it drop.

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