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Mi-48 needs to be improved
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Please improve Mi-48 to behave right. It's needed to make it more stable during flight (it must try to return to hovering mode by itself without controlls) and able to rotate freely around its vertical axis on high speed, because it is the features of helicopters using coaxial rotor layout. Watch this please:


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The devs already said the Mi-48 won't have any special advantages that helicopters with co-axial rotors have in real life.

Than this is not a military simulator anymore...

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Never was...

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Sure, isn't anykind simulator but doesn't make it fun to play when vehicles used in action game doesn't even be different enough from others but too similar ones.

But the co-axial rotor design doesn't make helicopter a stable one what doesn't require a "HOTAS". Yes, it is way more stable than typical design but only when controlled. And the trimming and autopilot is the ones what makes those very pleasant to fly as you can really take your hand off from stick in good situation.

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Goddamn "Balancing". Screw this I'm going back to Arma 2

It's not balancing, it's lack of time. They don't have enough time to code a completely new flight model.

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