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Please make it possible to load entire ammo crates into vehicles using the carrying handles.
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Ammo crates have handles for carrying so it should be possible to drag, carry, lift and load them into vehicles but it isn't possible in game without using mods.

Similar method to Operation Arrowhead where you could drag and lift soldiers.

It would be very useful to have this feature as standard :-) {F23461} {F23462}


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Could the person who downvoted (I have a good idea who it is :-) please explain why you are against being able to pick something up and place it into a vehicle?

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Yes, I can. To do this, you'd have to make the crate an object that can be put into someone's inventory.
This: a)would be difficult to accomplish
b)wouldn't make any sense (how would you put such a huge crate into your backpack?)

Also, who did you think the person that downvoted was?

Well it wouldn't be too difficult to accomplish in my opinion.

You can't put a Lynx or Titan Launcher in most backpacks. The same could apply for those ammo crates.
Then add some animations for lifting/carrying/storing crates and it's done.

Logistics have always been a stepchild in the arma series, this could be a step into the right direction.

Ha haa AD2001 just as I suspected :-)
You seem to downvote everything accompanied with a comment getting it all wrong lol

I didn't say anything about a backpack :-s

And how exactly would you transfer the crate to the car without putting it into your inventory?

I'm curious AD2001, if you were to buy a crate full of beer, would you put it in your backpack to get it to your car, or would you carry it using both arms?

if the vehicle is within a certain radius from the crate an option to place crate into vehicle. or something simple like that maybe?

@ Grumpy old man...
Perfect comment.
exactly my friend the crates have handles :-)


In that case, the crate would have to become a weapon, and then it wouldn't be able to carry anything inside of it (except the magazines and attachments for it).


That sounds reasonable, but I'm sure it can be scripted easily.

It would be much easier to simply make the crates movable with everything inside.
ie... dragging with one hand, carry with two hands etc...

And the smaller grenade type cases with one handle on the top the ability to carry two (one in each hand)

I don't think the crate will have to become a weapon, it would be possible to create memorypoints at the handles, just like steeringwheels are using them, if the crates are physx enabled they should move with ease

physx is way too underused right now anyway

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Have you tried the igi-load script? I think this is what Feral Circus is getting at. When you back the vehicle up to a crate / object, you get out and there is an option to load the box. Then there is a sort of animation and the box slides nicely into the trunk / cargo bay. This would really improve things, but as always, rely on the community :)


I will be using this script in my mission until BIS make it a standard feature :-)

Check it out folks...

it would certainly be a nice feature. we've all seen people carrying each other in medical enhancement mods and such, so this should be even easier than that.

Maybe try [R3F] Logistics ( ).
It is an external script, but maybe what you are seeking.