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Clearing Nerochi in Resurgent West results in being blown up
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When clearing Nerochi, I get a good ways into the town following the NATO infantry. When I get to a certain radius (I think it might be around the BTR in the middle of town, the radius is about 100-150m) I just explode for no reason. No mine, no rocket or gunfire or tank fire, just boom. {F23457}


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Campaign Episode 3: Win
Steps To Reproduce

Play Resurgent West
Head straight through Nerochi
Go towards the BTR in the middle of town

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This might be intended as one of the commanders says, I should flank north to avoid enemy opposition, but it is really annoying. If it is intended I recommend you replace it with troops disembarking the BTR or some other form of heavy opposition rather than a random explosion.

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Could you please attach screenshot with open map, when you are near this place?
Thank you.

I uploaded a screen shot. I was just using dev branch for the weekend and didn't want to reload it, but I remember where one of the locations I ran into the bug was. It is in a radius so that is just a point on the edge. I marked the grid references and some landmarks. If you need more information, feel free to let me know, and if I do need to I can reload dev branch.

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Same issue here.
Recorded video here

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I also got repeatedly blown up whilst moving through the town. At first I thought it was landmines, grenades or 203 rounds but nothing was ever visible. In the end I moved to the north and bypassed the town onto the next objective and carried on.

I think this is a deliberate ploy by the mission maker to prevent contact in the town, and to save AT ammo & men for the objective. They do tell you to go to the north to have less opposition, but not that you will be automatically blown to bits if you don't.

It would be better with a trigger that detects your presence and orders you to disengage and move north, to assist the Marshal that is going on it's own. I admit that I went through the town to get away from the Marshals to avoid getting run over by the AI.