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Head ALWAYS On Free Look In Aircraft
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Every time i get into a heli or jet, my head is constantly on free look. I am NOT getting it mixed up with double tapping alt. If i tap alt, my camera moves to the center. But then if i move my mouse again, the head moves, nothing else. If i double tap alt and then tap alt again, nothing happens. I have tried reinstalling Arma 3 but all my issues are still there. (Player Names Not Showing Up) Im not sure if you are able to steer cars with the mouse like in Arma 2 but it only moves my head.


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Wasn't there an option that made you do this?

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There is an option in controls that sets you to be in automatic free look when getting into any vehicle, yes.

Koala added a comment.Mar 15 2014, 9:17 AM

Deactivate the free look option in your game settings. You now have to double tab Alt (by default) for free looking around in every kind of vehicles.

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Haha, yeh thanks!!!

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