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Apache Helicopter Upgrade info for BIS - [for "future" version of the Apache]
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Here's an article on an upgrade to the Apache for BIS:

There's a video too. The article lists several main features of the upgraded Apache, with the main feature being a color video display.

I'm just telling BIS, in case they decide to make and release a "future Apache" for ARMA3. The new laser designator and IR strobe stuff fits right in with ARMA3.

As a lover of Janes Longbow and Janes Longbow 2, it would be great to see a upgraded Apache in ARMA 3.


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I still think BIS should release an "ARMA 3 - Helo Ops" add-on, with tons of cooperative multiplayer capable helicopter missions.

Medivac, Search and Rescue, cargo transport, troop transport, cargo lift, supply drop to remote areas, night insertion of spec ops, aircraft carrier supply missions, etc.

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Doesn't the AH-64D has one of those already?

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"future" apache is AH-64E aka Block III which will be around to 2025+.

Delta currently uses Modern TADS (M-TADS) complete with a laser designator (since day 1 on the AH-64A, back in the late 70's).

MDSA is uses less parts and more advanced kit, the biggest difference between the two would be seeing in full color vs seeing all green for DTV.

Buuuut none of this matters because even if PIP were added into Arma 3, it only supports 3 modes. Full color, night vision (green) or FLIR (white hot), you cannot change these or alter their RGB values to be something else, the only place you would notice a difference is in heads down and since that's been color all along then its a moot point.

Also, ew fox news.

A3 already has PiP, and i am pretty sure you can add more modes to it.

Nope, those are the hard coded limits, either full color, NVG or white FLIR with white hot. Did some looking into it for a mod of this very thing.

PIP as a resource can be altered in color and clarity (though the system seems to flip out at 1024+) however PIP not resourced has only the three modes.

Btw this is basicly what apache pilots would see with TADS but at all times

The other problem is that PIP is so very simple that its virtually useless as a gun cam, not only can you not change the modes but there is no zoom functionality, there is no point in using it versus heads down..a bit more situational awareness is about the only concession.

I'm just giving BIS INFORMATION here. They can use it or ignore it. But someone actually down voted INFORMATION? Wow. Just, wow. I guess I should have known that some in our younger generations prefer ignorance over education.

There were several more advancements than just the color display. But the color display was the main thing they talked about, and it does help ID specific targets in color (green car/blue truck/etc.)

It's just info. BIS can take it or leave it.

As for the article coming from Fox. Well, maybe the info would be more accepted if the hippie-liberal left at Communist News Network (CNN) or MSNBC wrote it. Because MSNBC and CNN are so much more open minded and un-biased against the evil American war machines than Fox. Hahahaha.

Thanks for the laugh. But I thought this is a ARMA3 game feedback website, not the Huffington Post. If we just leave politics out of it, then we won't have this type of worthless stuff here. Lets keep the it on topic, about the GAME.

You seem to be taking just 1 downvote too seriously, every ticket, as needed and useful as it is, gets downvoted sometime, besides, this is not information, this is a request to add another AH chopper when ArmA 3 already has one, and of Nod is right, then it just cant be done

Whoa slow down there fella, my poking at fox news was more for joking rather than insult, it had nothing to do with political views.

About the downvote, people downvote even the most sensible things, its just what they do be they trolls or misunderstanding what they are reading, or other, don't get too upset over it, not worth the stress.

Granted yes there are far more changes in block 3, a better navigation system, better laser ranges, more comms equipment, new transmission, lighter rotor blades and other components as well as more powerful engines ect.

Now onto game functionality, the problem is as I said, PIP has no zoom setting so its gimped against heads down from the word go, secondly MDSA provides further visibility (which is insane when you think about it, TADS can already magnify 128+) But another problem comes in the clarity, MDSA is designed to enhance sharpness of the image as seen here but PIP can only go so high before it behaves oddly.

For example, you can adjust the clarity of PIP's image in the traditional 2 squared formula...128 looks very much legacy, 256 is a bit higher and 512 is the quality shown in the above screenshot. When you push to 1024 you don't a performance change BUT the image becomes distorted with an entire section becoming nothing but stretched lines, and while the image grows sharper at 2048, the distorted box grows larger and the actual image smaller into a little corner.

The color feature already exists, it can be seen on vehicle mirrors and in several vehicles as well such as this I was just pointing out that as far as PIP goes, this feature would already be set as you can only have full color rather than color range, so it would be the same as this The problem is that there is no zoom function so it is utterly useless as a survellience and gun camera as opposed to heads down.

So say BIS brings a new apache to Arma 3 and instead of the optical relay tube they add TEDAC (as shown in the above video) you would only be allows one FOV setting and not able to adjust it on the fly like shown at 0:30, not unless BI adds more functions for the configuration.

Cool! Thanks for the clarification NodUnit! Sorry. I work in a college and I'm burnt out on young college kids dumping on Fox because their left leaning professors brainwash them to it. I miss the days when college used to open people up to new ideas, not limiting them to 1 narrow view. As for the vote, I guess lately I've been getting tired of seeing various people's good ideas get down voted.

I wasn't requesting anything. I just figured if BIS later decides to add an "upgraded Apache" in the future, they might want some info on the real thing, and as soon as I saw the article, I passed it on.

Thanks for being cool. You guys rock.