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Game crashes when trying to create Lan server in multiplayer(not dedicated)
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I go multiplayer>new>ok and then my game crashes. {F23452} {F23453} {F23454} {F23455}


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It looks like you may be experiencing what happened before in the previous update. I think you will need to unsubscribe to all the arma 3 steam workshop items.

Also you would want to go into your userdata folder in steam: located at <driveletter>:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Userdata/<steamidnumber>/ and in there delete two folders: UGC & ugcmsgcache.

+1 here too... ARMA also seems to crash if I select "Internet" in the Host(non-dedicated) server options.

This has only happenned in the last week or so (I've been editinga MP mission over the last few months, and testing in the hosted (non-dedicated) server environment was fine last week.

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Fixed in last update

Thank you for info.