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"H_Shemag_khk" and "H_Shemag_tan" headgear have wrong textures.
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The headgear "H_Shemag_khk" and "H_Shemag_tan" both have the same hiddenSelectionsTextures, which is the texture for a helmet, not a shemag. As a result, the texture of the shemag is incorrect. This can be seen both in-game and on the Arma 3 assets page of the wiki.

I think this is the line that is incorrect in their configs:
hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\Data\equip1_co.paa"};


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Try and use either a "H_Shemag_khk" or "H_Shemag_tan"in game and look at the texture on it. Or look at the assets page on the wiki.

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Need to patch this!

Shemag (Khaki) is not exist in game in this moment!

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This is still an issue and has been around since Arma 3 was released. Any news on this getting fixed?

Now we have:

  • H_ShemagOpen_tan
  • H_ShemagOpen_khk

@Astaroth i think issue was been resolved.

Please close this ticket ^_^

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thanks for confirmation.