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Steam Server Query does not return the full server name
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Querying a dedicated server via the Steam Server Query returns only 64 bytes as the server name. So 63 bytes + 1 end-of-string-byte (0x00). So server name will only be displayed up to 63 characters. {F23433}


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Steps To Reproduce

Use the program in the attached files.

  1. Use the default ip and port or type in server ip and the port (most likely gameport -1, i.e. Gameport:2302; Steam-query-port: 2301) in the text fields and click query
  2. If the server name is longer than 63 characters the following characters will not be packed in the query packet
  3. Repeat with shorter or longer server name.
Additional Information

The attached program is written in c# and uses the steam server query protocol. Source code is included. .Net Framework 3.5 is required.
The default ip and port refer to our server, the server name is: [EU] Altis Life RPG |3.1.2| TS3 / GEAR SAVE / ECONOMY / CUSTOM [TCL] (68 Characters).

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I think it could be related to that steam is having troubles today, they are either doing some maintenance on their end or something.

Since I am currently having trouble seeing the store and having my friends list online. I noticed when I was hosting a server today that it would show people joining but they would get disconnected as soon as they would join.

I have had people join my server previously.

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The steam server query protocol is independent of Steam Network. The answer (byte array) is not corrupted in anyway. The server just trims the server name to 63 characters.