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Crashes when trying to host a session.
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It was working fine for me two hours ago. After I took a break to watch one of my tv shows (i've left arma 3 open) when I came back to host a session to play with some of my friends it crashed each time I would click ok, before I would even get to the lobby screen.

I even went as far to downgrade back to normal arma 3 and re opt into the dev branch and still have the same crashing. I have even restarted my PC with no avail in solving this.

I think it must have been caused by a recent update or something. Since how can it be working fine two hours ago then just start crashing. I hope this gets resolved soon since it is almost game breaking since I and many others cannot host sessions to play zeus with their buddies.


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Try to host a session on Arma 3. Once you get passed the setting up the name, amount of players, whether its LAN Or Internet and click "ok" it will crash before you reach the lobby screen.

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i get this too

Like others have noted there is a work around, make sure to unsubscribe to whatever it is you have subscribed to in the arma 3 workshop.

I have just tried the above and it 100% works. Also what I did as well was delete the subscibed files in the workshop folder located in. <driveletter>:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Userdata\(steamidnumbers). In there delte the ugc and ugcmsgcashe folders.

It will work

Thank you for reporting, but this issue is duplicate of 17788.