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Guided artillery ammo not hitting targets
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The guided artillery ammo (or it's submunition) of types guided and laser guided do not automatically seek targets as defined in the config; the config paramter "autoSeekTarget" does not seem to work.

The submuniton is correctly created, but the impact points seem to be in an area around the shell creation, not targeting a vehicle in that area. This area correlates to the speed and creation altitude of the ammo.

Intersting, if an AI crewed artillery vehicle is ordered to fire an artillery salvo with _ArtilleryVehicleObject doArtilleryFire [getMarkerPos "tank", "2Rnd_155mm_Mo_LG", 2]; works partially - the artillery shells will hit a vehicle in the area, though there is no laser target object present at all.

On the other hand, _ArtilleryVehicleObject doArtilleryFire [getMarkerPos "tank", "2Rnd_155mm_Mo_guided", 2]; does no auto-target a vehicle, the shell is hitting in a circular area around the submunition creation spot.

Created ammo via script will not automatically seek targets at all.

Either I am missing some not well documented BI function here, or the config entry "autoSeekTarget" does not seem to work, which would be a shame, as it could be extremly useful to have.


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Steps To Reproduce

Script to reproduce (requires a vehicle called ArtilleryTarget to be present):

private ["_Target"];
_Target = getPosATL ArtilleryTarget;
CreatedAmmoObject = createVehicle ["Sh_155mm_AMOS_guided", [_Target select 0, _Target select 1, 800], [], 0, "NONE"];
CreatedAmmoObject setVectorDirAndUp [[0 ,0, -1], [0, 1, 0.1]];
CreatedAmmoObject setVelocity [(-3 + (random 6)), (-3 + (random 6)), -900];

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I tested this a few weeks earlier and came to the conclusion that the rounds have been swapped somehow. The guided round seems to be the laser guided round and vice versa.