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The acceleration of jets is to slow!
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The acceleration of jets is to slow! Pls, make them much faster. {F23412} {F23413} {F23414} {F23415} {F23416} {F23417} {F23418} {F23419} {F23420} {F23421} {F23422}


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In editor, set a jet, go in as pilot, strt and see its a mess to reach 200km/h.
thats not nearly realistic!

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The airborne acceleration of the current jet (Buzzard) is fine.

The issue seems to be the runway surface having a ridiculous amount of friction making the jet accelerate very slowly, or there's something wrong with the wheels/ground interaction.
It feels like you're on the brake all the time until the jet gets airborne and starts to accelerate in a more appropriate manner.

I used a trigger to measure the time until the jet reached 200km/h, beginning 15 seconds into the mission with engines on.

My times:
Stratis airfield: 44 seconds

Almyra salt flats (not on the runway): 42 seconds
Main Airport: 47 seconds

I've been flying for quite some time now in A3 and never took notice of this issue, thanks for pointing it out.


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I found them to be fine, at least in the air, grumpy, can you re-run a report comparing them between airborne Accel and take off accel? if in a take off it takes more than 5 seconds of difference then this is an issue.

Airborne acceleration will be rough to do from 0 - 200 without having the free fall do its magic. Took me only a few seconds to go to 200 during free fall.

The acceleration on ground feels like a crawl, especially when you look at the acceleration on the runway from 100-200.

Uploaded a few pictures.

Made a few acceleration tests and even the civilian truck (2400kg/170hp according to in game data) has a slightly slower acceleration than the jet.

Don't know about the L159 (Buzzard RL counterpart) but a jet should be faster even from 0-100 than a freaking transport truck.

More pictures added.

There has to be an issue with the jet, because you can't even hit 200km/h on the ground, the runway on the altis main airfield is just too short to do so.

Edit: Added another picture with airborne acceleration from 200-300, now the value increased 5x.

BI must fix this!

I'm pretty sure this also affects the new NATO/CSAT jets, taking off from the runway feels like it's made out of glue.

Definitely gonna test it on the devbranch when the new jets are available there.

im thinking so too...

Would be great if the summary of this ticket could get a more appropriate wording, like "Runway takeoff taking too long" or similar.

yeah, i dont know the reason, but i cant edit the summary...

Just tested again on the devbranch with improved measurement and the new jets.

Added a few more pictures and a Repro mission (devbranch), just swap the jets to your liking, the triggers are fully automated and will display the takeoff speed, duration between beginning of acceleration and takeoff, acceleration from 0-200 and the vehicle mass.

Notice how the buzzard has a nearly similar acceleration as the wipeout? the a164 is nearly 4x as heavy... Can't find any info on the in game engine power off all jets, anyone knows where to find that?

Edit: The acceleration values are in m/s², forgot to add that to the hints.
Can a moderator possibly rename this ticket to a more fitting title?

Ill fool with this a bit ounce i get off work.