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Tanks fire control system and stabilization?
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I have a huge problem with the tanks Fire control systems. (Same goes for the overhead systems on hunters, speedboats, apc etc)

Using the laser:

  • Now: The laser constantly gives you the range. If you change weapon system the range you’ve set is the same for all systems.
  • As it should be: You press a button and get the range. The range will automatically be set for your zeroing of your selected weapon. If you disagree with the range you can just toggle to a different range as you can now with pgup and pgdw. o When setting for an example your LMG to 500 meters and choose your 120mm it will still be 500 meters. If you then set your 120mm to 1000 meters and go back to LMG it is now 1000 meters, the LMG should still be 500 meters.

Automatic aiming aid:

  • Now: All shooting is fixed. No aiding shooting towards moving targets.
  • As it should be: You should be able to choose between moving and fixed firing mode. In moving when you shoot a range with the laser and track a vehicle with the turret is should automatically calculate the ballistic and you will have a hit when tracking the vehicle aiming dead on and pulling the trigger.


  • Now: No stabilization.
  • As it should be: When the gunner has the turret pointed one direction it should stay there no matter what the driver does unless it goes beyond the limits of the turret. If you want to add some realism the stabilization should have a little trouble keeping up when going in rough terrain.


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Yep, FCS would be nice and stab aswell.

Turrets are horizontally and vertically stabilized. Stab means that the turret maintains its orientation relative to the hull. Ground tracking is pretty advanced to ask for, but proper gunlaying would be nice to have.

Good example are Reyhard's T-72s, which use laser targets and scripts to range the gun, apparently.

Non-scripted solutions would be preferable in any case, though.