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No message received for XX seconds
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Hi all,
I've been playing this game since the end of February. At the beginning all seemed and I could play with no silly interruptions. But, after some time, I started getting this error message on screen: "No message received for XX seconds" and after 70-90 seconds I get kicked or I have to leave the server. After i log off from the server I can re-join it immediately. Since this issue happens every 15-20 minutes I'm a little bit frustrated. It's not due to my internet connection since I experience low pings (30-40ms), and it's not server-sided since it happens with all the servers I join, empty or full ones in spite of game modes.
I tried to fix the problem desabling my firewall or erasing my personal data (deleting the folder Arma3 with all my personal stuff), but nothing has changed.


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I've been playing with a lot of people who, like me, bought the game more than one year ago but installed the game only few days ago, and they have the same problem, they cannot play for more than 15 minutes in a server without getting this message while being idled. I think that a lot of people, more than those I've imagined so far. I found that many people had a similar problem with DayZ and Arma 2 in general. Please help us, this thing is so frustrating...

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Are you playing on 1 server or several? There was a patch not too long ago that had the servers crashing, which would in return give this message for the players. A hotfix was released for it, and if both clients and servers update to it. It should be gone. So if you are running on your own serverhost, I would suggest make sure you have the latest update.

I clearly stated that it happens with all the servers I join. I'm not running a server, and I think I've the game updated to the latest patch since Steam doesn't tell me about any new downloadable content. It's not the server crashing, it's something else; please, read carefully what I've written, don't just answer randomly.
Sorry if I'm so harsh, but I'm a bit disappointed.

It's funny how the community ignores people having this trouble. This problem is also affecting many people playing Arma 2 and DayZ Standalone. I pretend to have assistance, I bought this game and I feel ignored, before even thinking to add more animation, more vehicles and more weapons, the staff should improve the stability of this game.

I checked the version of arma3.exe: it was

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It's a problem with your connection, or the server's connection. Usually happens when playing on servers hosted in faraway / remote locations.

Not true, I'm playing on servers with very low pings (in the order of 30ms or 40ms) that are within a range of 600km. I clearly stated that's not a problem with my connection. It happens even when I'm playing LAN (I couldn't play for more than 40 minutes). It's still a problem related to my connection? I don't think so... I'm sorry, again, for being a bit harsh but it's like the 100th time someone replied it's a serverside or connection problem. This is not, and that's why I'm asking for help here to who wrote this code.