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Placeable backpack objects cannot be placed accurately
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Backpack objects in the editor (empty>backpacks) cannot be placed in precise locations, nor can they be situated using setPos commands. This is especially apparent when trying to place them inside buildings.


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Steps To Reproduce

Load attached repro mission. In the editor, some backpacks are placed around the area. A red marker indicates the actual boundaries of the building. According to their locations, the backpacks should be situated as follows:

  1. One backpack about 5m in front of the player
  2. One backpack inside the building to the player's left.
  3. Four backpacks placed right on top of each other to the player's right.

When you enter the mission, the positioning looks like this:

  1. 5m to the right of where it should be.
  2. About 10m in front of player, outside the building (should be inside)
  3. The 4 backpacks are displaced linearly inside a circle about 5m across (should be on top of each other).
Additional Information

The backpacks also cannot be attached to anything using attachTo. As a workaround, you can add a backpack to a weaponHolder and put the weapon holder where you want.

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This is still a thing. You can't put backpacks where you want them in the editor. Can't setpos them, can't attachTo them. Is there some reason for this?

Were the backpacks' model geometries increased for some technical reason? Because back in the alpha or beta, you could definitely place a backpack where you wanted, for example sitting on a table in a building.