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rounds below 7.62mm lose stopping power too quickly at medium range
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At ranges beyond 200m, 5.56 becomes near useless.

Enemies can take 4-7 shots to the chest, and 3-4 to the head.

This is for all factions, as long as the rounds hitting them are under 7.62, yes even 6.5mm.

I posted a similar issue and rescinded it, I thought it was my mods, removed those, thought only AAF Body Armor was too resilient but found out it was all standard plate armor, thought it was DEV build, reverted to stable build to no avail. It appears this broken damage model keeps appearing and reappearing throughout developement. One update it is fine, the next it is broken, rinse, repeat.


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. use a 6.5mm or lower caliber weapon.
  1. Shoot at an enemy outside of 200m (with 200m it seemingly does reasonable damage).
  1. Observe how many shots it takes to kill someone and that helmets stop multiple headshots even if it hits an exposed face or neck if it is at or beyond 300m, although damage issues start as close as 200m.
Additional Information

Greatly nerf the damage and/or soldier protection. I believe most fans agree a system like Arma 2's where rounds often kill too reliably is much more manageable in a tactical game than a system that is not tweaked and balanced and results in rounds not being immediately deadly at all in many scenarios. In summation, enemies with 'glass jaws" are more conducive to a positive experience than bullet sponge enemies if we can't have an ideally realistic damage system.

Due to distance being the determining variable, perhaps the ballistics values on those rounds are too pessimistic?

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I apologize if I was a bit venomous in the descriptions, but this game is great when functioning and this game-breaking damage issue keeps reappearing and disappearing in an irritating manner. I would like a response. I will edit the emotional crap out of the issue.