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AAF soldiers damn near bulletproof to 5.56mm
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I wanted to enjoy Arma 3 today, began engaging AAF with a TRG20, I discovered that outside of 200m they can take up 10 ROUNDS OF 5.56 AND MULTIPLE HEADSHOTS!

I thought maybe it was just a placebo effect, but firing at deactivated standing soldiers yielded consistent results, oddly enough, the CSAT (which are supposed to be better armored) take reasonable amounts (at extreme ranges, 3-4 5.56 to center of mass, 1 to the bare head, 1-2 to the helmet. BIS, why do you insist on regularly breaking body armor? Some of us want to enjoy you realistic game without it being broken with invincible enemies!

I also wore the armor of AAf and engaged FIA who had TRG20's. I charged themn and survived 8 direct hits 200m away before I died. 8! I also noted this is only true for 5.56mm, the 6.5mm and 7.62mm rounds are not more ineffective against AAF Armor, that armor only seems to become impenetrable when using 5.56mm rounds.

The AAF armor is essentially broken, thought this was in DEV, but nope, even the "Stable build" is broken in a way that is crucial to a tactical combat game.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip a 5.56 weapon
  1. Find/place an AAF soldier at 200m+
  1. Fire at him.

4.Observe the ludicrous amounts of shots needed to kill.


  1. Wear AAF Armor

2.Engage enemies who have 5.56mm rounds

  1. Watch as the bullets bounce off of you as if the Armor was not made by the AAF BUT TONY FREAKING STARK HIMSELF!!
Additional Information

This was first discovered with mods like @TMR that effect ballistics, however, switching off all mods did not fix it, concluding that this is an issue with the base game in this build.

Fix this NOW! This is unacceptable for a tactical combat game!

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