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[REQUEST] Shooting from the future openable doors
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Alright so as i can tell most vehicles doors already open or atleast most do some have bugs because i assume its not finished yet. Because HotShotmike made a script to open and close the doors a friend of mine got the script and i never installed it yet and he opened the doors and it sync'd which would mean the vehicle already has modeled doors detached from the main body to open and close

So what about once the door system is actually finished which i assume BI plans on making it work without a script further down the line what about a way for when say you have the door open you can do some kind of keybind/macro to put your weapon in your hands while in the passenger seat of the vehicle and aim and fire your weapon and you press the button again to lower your weapon back to normal in vehicle animation

as you can see from the link posted below the ghosthawk with the doors open you could shoot from the rear seats or even sit on the side and shoot

other vehicles have working doors but i dont have screenshots of the other ones. {F23333}


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Duplicate of #0002452.

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not really, but kinda, mine has alot of good points. its not just as simple as "shooting from vehicles"

That ticket is almost a year old and has almost 2000 upvotes. Also, it's not just "shooting from vehicles", the ticket has some information both in the ticket itself and the notes section.