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[115741] MenuPosition results in spawn menu at initial spawn
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With respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"}; in description.ext...

Expected: Player spawns in from editor-set position, and upon death will respawn with the dialog menu coming up to pick a spawn point.

Observed: Player spawns and immediately the dialog menu comes up to pick a spawn point. Still works after dying. {F23323}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch Dev Build
  2. Place BLUFOR unit, set to player
  3. Place markers named "respawn_west_1" and "respawn_west_2"
  4. In description.ext, put the following:

respawn = "BASE";
respawnDelay = 10;
respawnDialog = false;
respawnOnStart = false;
respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"};

  1. Restart multiplayer to rest description.ext (return to main menu) and then launch the mission.
  2. Note that the first and only thing to do after the map screen is select a spawn point.
Additional Information

I couldn't find anywhere that says that this is intended behavior, hence the reason for the bug report. I understand if it is intended behavior, but in that case I would change this to a request asking for a way to do it the way it is in Stable now, where the menu only comes up on re-spawns, not initial spawn.


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Because "respawnOnStart = 0" now functions correctly (see T72944), this particular ticket is irrelevant as the functionality already exists.