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Option to turn off snapping to nearest surface (fine grain height control)
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The "Snap to nearest surface" feature for changing the height of a unit is great for placeing vehicles and soldiers on buildings but it makes placing static objects like buildings a hassle.

Buildings often have a large fundament to compensate terrain slopes but this makes it in combination with the snapping feature nearly impossible to place structures and buildings correct via Zeus. The objects even seem to slip away while their height is changed.

It would be great to have the option to temporary disable the snapping or to have a more finer height control. This could maybe be solved by adding another object modifier (maybe Alt-Right) that will modify an objects height completely without snapping.


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Steps To Reproduce

Go to a flat area and try to place and modify the height of a buildings like the Research HQ (Structures (Commercial) -> Research HQ). Initial the object is placed "normal", but if you try to modify the height, the object snaps up or slips away to a different position/height.

Additional Information

With a proper heightcontrol of buildings and structures, Zeus can be used as editor and object placer for Visitor3 (there is already an exporter).

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This would be an incredibly useful and powerful feature that is sorely missing from the current Zeus editor. I can understand they implemented snapping (since Zeus is meant to be used as a fast-paced mission designer, where quick/easy object placement is required), but for finer control the ability to turn off snapping would be brilliant.