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very low FPS
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when i play Altis life mod my FPS is 20-30 then after 2 or 1 hours of playing, my FPS goes to 1-2 .


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I tried to make the settings very low , low , standard & i even disable shadow & make all other settings disable & low , sometimes the lag goes when i relogg into server , & other times i must to reopen the game again to avoid the huge game lag ,in all other mods including Altis ones my FPS is works fine , Except the Altis life mode my FPS goes to 1-2 every 1 or 2 hours in all servers.

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please tell us about your computer specs

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Don't play poorly optimized missions.

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As, AD2001 has... said. This is a single mission you are having issues with. Altis Life is a very large, very complex mission. It requires a lot more processing power and calculations than many other missions.

It is likely that it is not optimized, or that there are bottlenecks in the scripts, or some performance leaks in the scripts themselves. This is not an issue with arma.

Instead of posting a mission makers issues here, you should contact the mission maker him/her self via the forums or any other acceptable manner. I hope this helps!