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Allow zeus to issue a FIRE command to artilery and air units
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Allow Zeus to issue a Fire command to an artillery unit or air unit by some sort of combo like Alt + Double left click (etc)

The idea here is to allow zues to issue "Support requests" similar to the MCC mode
Allow him to create a flying Chooper that will literally fire rockets / missiles / guns at a specific location for a few minutes at a target
(on the mcc its just air units)
Allow him to request artillery on an area from a real artillery unit
(so a player could stop the artillery by destroying the real artillery unit)

For example:
Choose an artillery unit and use the key combo to make it target a town and fire until you make it stop
Choose a chopper and use the key combo to either mark an area or drag it over a targeted area and the chopper will go through a rocket run / Gun run on that area

(I am aware that we have lightning and artillery that zeus can call at a whim and im not asking to remove it , im asking to add a feature)


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no need - Feature request

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MCC mod has something similar with Chopper CAS missions - worth taking a look

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for general public:
take note that this is already possible using this modification

for devs:
just because there is a modification does not means that you guys should not implement something more smooth!
Maybe some sort of "areal shooting" for all AI units so that they will cover an area with bullets etc. until they are told to stop?