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Explosive Blasts From Rocket/Satchel Unusually Large
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Explosive blasts from rocket artillery/satchels, as tested using Zeus, seem to be too large when compared to, for example, mortars.

The visuals/animation doesn't match to the damage caused. The explosions don't seem to much more deadly than a mortar, but whilst the mortar will kill a standard NATO rifleman about 20m away (tested on flat asphalt at main Altis airport), and then only injure slightly any men beyond that, the rocket scored a 100% kill percentage up to ~90m, with a further kill at ~110m from the blast in the same location.

From video: "Personally I think these explosions have too large of a deadly powerful area, too sudden a cut-off point, and too small an effect. Even if they were deemed damage-balanced by the developers the effect should be upscaled in order to provide a better visual cue for players than just falling over 100m+ away from an explosion not really much larger than the much less deadly mortar blast. Suggestions include much more visual smoke/shrapnel/moving horizontal blast wave."


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Use Zeus, a script, or the editor to place straight lines of men and artillery/explosive positions and compare explosive visuals and deadliness.

Additional Information - Mortars as compared to Satchel charges/Rocket artillery.

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The visual impact from a 230mm HE rocket used by the MLRS looks way bigger than the 82mm Mortar HE shell impact.

Can't reproduce.

Definitely agreed. Explosion effects need to be turned up, and damage radii (and drop off) need to be tapered more. I have no problem with the radius of the MLRS missiles (the things are huge) but the explosion effect needs to be about 3 times bigger. Blastcore A3 actually fixes the effect, it is more realistically sized, but the damage still needs a fix.

Recent changes to satchels (I think they now have 33% of the range and 150% of the damage) are much more in-line visually judging by a test I just performed. Hopefully they can do something similar for artillery.

I agree that the MRLS rocket explosions need a larger visual effect. The visual effect is larger than the 80mm mortar's, but it is actually identical to the 150mm howitzer shell. Considering the rocket is far more deadly and contains a much greater quantity of explosive compound, the visual effect should be more pronounced.

It might also be nice to have the effect appear as an airburst explosion as well, with shrapnel kicking up dirt in a wide area beneath it, as it is quite common for modern 230mm rockets to be fired in airbust mode and would be visually distinct from the howitzer as well.

The visual effect of these rockets airbursting in real life is quite impressive.

But 100 satchels still can't destroy 1 small tree.