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Add all 3 campaign episodes as co-op
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why not add all 3 arma 3 campaign episode as co-op mission or at least to release mission to be able to edit and made it co-operative\multiplayer. it would be awesome


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Making a mission compatible with multiplayer isn't just a matter of flipping a switch. It makes it manyfold harder, and massively increases the time needed to make the mission.

That's why they decided not to make COOP in ARMA 3.

If the developers did better co-op from the start, it would be more popular. A considerable portion of the "realism" crowd prefer co-op teamwork. Supporting co-op is good business.

Even if the developers don't create their own co-op missions, they should keep adding and supporting co-op multiplayer features, so we can keep getting new co-op missions.

im asking to release the campaign mission pbo's to be able to edit by arma community too.

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? You can edit the campaign mission PBO!