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FIA As Independent Makes No Sense
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Currently the FIA are marked as Independent in Zeus, which makes no sense as they're meant to be allied with NATO in the canon.

This makes it impossible to include FIA, NATO, and the AAF in a canonical mission, as both the AAF and FIA have to have the same status with NATO. The AAF and FIA are specifically meant to be opposed to each other, and yet they're technically under the same faction. Having them locked in to BluFor (as they are in mission editor) seems also limiting.

My personal recommendation would be to create a 4th faction, GreenFor, for the AAF, whilst keeping the FIA as "independent" as they truly are an independent small group. This would make it possible for all possible combinations (and canonical combinations which cannot currently be done) to be achieved.

e.g. You can have AAF + NATO pre-war, you can have AAF + CSAT vs NATO + FIA, you can have FIA vs AAF, etc.


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FIA were originally Independent units, and then Bohemia decided to throw them into BLUFOR.

You can still add them to blufor in Zeus. Simply spawn them, then group them to a BLUFOR unit.

Yes, but then they're not Independent any more, they're stuck on BluFor, and have a BluFor squad leader, and that causes issues if you intend to have Independent swap sides half way through, for example.

uuh, what? You just said it didn't make sense to have them on Independent. Grouping them to a blufor unit moves them to the blufor side.

"Having them locked in to BluFor (as they are in mission editor) seems also limiting."

I don't think they should be locked to either Independent or BluFor, preferably.
Yes, I understand grouping them with a BluFor moves them to BluFor, but that means they have to be lead by a BluFor unit, which means they'll have a NATO Squad Leader at the from, for example, which will look stupid.

You can circumvent that too.

  1. Create a BLUFOR unit.
  2. Create one or more INDEPENDENT units, and group them to the BLUFOR unit.
  3. They now belong to BLUFOR.
  4. Remove the leader (the actual BLUFOR uniformed unit).
  5. All the grouped INDEPENDENT units stay BLUFOR.

Voilá. 100% INDEPENDENT units in a BLUFOR group.

Then to create more, you can just copy the existing ones, and the copy will also be BLUFOR, even when ungrouped.