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Can't move while waiting mission start
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Version 1.11.115429
When a mission starts during the campaign, there is a 5 minutes waiting time.
During this time, I suppose that I should be able to get some weapons from the tables or start the mission immediately by speaking to the right person.
Instead the character can't move and I must wait those 5 minutes doing nothing exceptt staring at the screen.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
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Start a mission in the campaign, happens all the time.

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I'm seeing this at Gori, after Stavros' briefing for Within Reach. It takes/gives all your equipment and has you staring at the armorer with the cinematic borders on. You can't skip it like other cinematics.

I've had no other issues with the other mission briefings.

Dev Branch version 1.11.115429

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I can confirm this, same DEV version